Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Before using our creations, please read all washing instructions. We recommend pre-washing all items as they may have manufacturing residue present. 

Modern Cloth Nappies

Key Points: In order to ensure your nappies are covered by warranty it is important to ensure nappy shells are washed in temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius and lower. It is also recommended that maximum spin speed is 800RPM to protect the longevity of the elastics. We do not recommend tumble drying nappy shells or drying nappy shells in direct sunlight as excess heat can delaminate the PUL fabric and reduce the lifespan of the elastics. Do not bleach or soak in chemicals.

New nappies are recommended to wash before use. Bamboo inserts require a few washes to increase in absorbency. It is not recommended to use fabric conditioner as this can inhibit the absorbency. 

Barrier creams are fine to use but require a warm to hot wash to remove oil and zinc residue that may impact absorbency. We recommend using a liner with nappy creams – please note ‘flushable’ liners are hazardous to plumbing and should be placed in the bin.

  1. DRY PAIL: Unsnap the nappy and place any solids into the toilet, giving it a quick rinse before putting it into a dry pail (it is ideal to have a basket with air flow to minimise smell).
  2. PRE-RINSE: Pre-rinse nappies on a short cycle with a half amount of detergent at the end of the day (or second day). This helps to remove heavy soil and stops a build-up of ammonia, mould, etc… This pre-rinse cycle is important as it drains away dirty water before the main wash. Do not leave nappies longer than 2 days before a pre-rinse.
  3. MAIN WASH: Nappies should have a main wash every second or third day using a full amount of washing powder (as recommended for your machine). Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Run your main wash as a long/heavy wash (as per your machine) ensuring temperatures do not exceed 60 degrees Celsius and 800 RPM. 
  4. DRY: We advise that nappy shells are dried out of direct sunlight. Nappy inserts can be dried at any temperature and are recommended to be dried in direct sunlight or tumble dried.

Wet Bags, Change mats & Bibs

Soiled wet bags, change mats and feeding bibs can be washed up to 60 degrees Celsius using your usual household washing detergent. 
Do not tumble dry, soak or bleach. It is advised to dry these products in the shade or on low/cool tumble dry to prevent delamination of the PUL layers.